Reclaiming VAT

Alfa Transport Service is specialized in reclaiming foreign VAT and diesel oil excise. Amounts that can accumulate significantly whenever you operate much in foreign countries.

Advance payment on your VAT

Alfa Transport Service can prefinance your foreign VAT. Making an advance payment on your foreign VAT will help you improve your liquidity and solvency.

Reclaiming excise duty

Do you fill up with diesel in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain or Slovenia? If so, you are entitled to a refund. This leads to an interesting saving on your fuel costs. ATS will take care of all aspects.

Fiscal Representation

Do you perform VAT taxable activities abroad? Fiscal representation by ATS will relieve you of complex administrative tasks.
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'We enjoy an excellent service from Alfa Transport Service which is competitively priced.'
Tony Tollervey - Pulleyn

ATS Benefits

Over 25 years successful experience

Competitive rates

Extensive knowledge of (European) laws, regulations and procedures

Maintains close contact with the attending officials abroad

Knows your sector from A to Z

"Track & trace" your VAT claims via our online web portal