Who are we?

Alfa Transport Service (ATS) is an independent organization that has been successfully reclaiming foreign VAT and diesel oil excise for over 22 years. We operate all over Europe and are fully familiar with all formalities and specific regulations that have anything to do with reclaiming VAT and diesel oil excise. In order to maintain our service at a high level, we maintain close contact with the various tax authorities and have access to all their web portals.

Alfa Transport Service is based in the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn and has more than 50 employees. We currently have more than 1,500 clients including oil companies, fuel card providers and transport companies. These clients are based in more than 30 countries.

Partner Transport & Logistiek Nederland (TLN)
Due to our successful and specialist services, TLN, the Dutch industry association within Transport and Logistics has entered into a partnership with us. It's not easy to become a partner of TLN.

TLN website: 'The partners deliver good quality services within their specialist fields at a competitive price. This is tested regularly. The services offered by the appointed providers are as a complete as possible and in line with members' needs.

Cooperation of which we are proud and which ensures that we remain up-to-date regarding the all the developments within your industry.

ATS Benefits

Over 22 years successful experience

Competitive rates

Extensive knowledge of (European) laws, regulations and procedures

Maintains close contact with the attending officials abroad

Knows your sector from A to Z

"Track & trace" your VAT claims via our online web portal