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Alfa Transport Service is specialized in reclaiming foreign VAT and diesel oil excise. Amounts that can accumulate significantly whenever you operate much in foreign countries. In many cases, we are able to arrange an advance payment on your claim against the foreign tax authority. This will enable you to quickly access the funds you are entitled to. Alfa Transport Service therefore offers you ease, financing and security.

Reclaiming foreign VAT, a job in itself
The system for reclaiming foreign VAT has changed with effect 1 January 2010. Submission now takes place electronically in the country where the business is based. If you are based in the Netherlands, your declaration will be submitted with the Dutch tax authorities and then sent to the countries where the VAT is being reclaimed. It is there that the refund case is handled and paid out following approval. It therefore remains a foreign matter with all the specific rules per country.

The idea wrongly arose that the reclaim of foreign VAT is simplified, but nothing could be further from the truth. Each country in which VAT is being reclaimed has its own procedures and deadlines and communicates in its own language. Alfa Transport Service is completely aware of the procedures, maintains direct contact with the foreign tax authorities and has employees who speak the languages of the various countries.

VAT return.
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