Advance payment on foreign VAT

Improve your liquidity by having us make an advance payment on your VAT

Whenever your vehicles travel a lot abroad, you pay large sums of foreign tax on fuel and tolls. You can reclaim this in most cases but it takes a lot of time. Time in which you do not have your money at your disposal. This ultimately has a negative effect on your business's liquidity and solvency.

Payment within a maximum of 10 working days
Alfa Transport Service can help you improve your liquidity and solvency by making an advance payment on your foreign VAT claims at competitive rates. We will pay your claim within a maximum of 10 working days following receipt and verification of your invoices. This may be done on a quarterly basis and in some cases, depending on the amount of VAT, on a monthly basis.


  • for all businesses with a fleet of 1 to 5,000 vehicles
  • you will receive your money within 10 working days of receipt of your invoices
  • competitive rates (commission)
  • clean books thanks to "direct" payment
  • reducing balance
  • most European tax authorities (European Union)

Advance payments on VAT and more
We can do a lot more for you besides reclaiming VAT:

Reclaiming VAT
Reclaiming excise duty
Fiscal representation

Would you also like to receive your VAT expenditure within 10 days?

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ATS Benefits

Over 22 years successful experience

Competitive rates

Extensive knowledge of (European) laws, regulations and procedures

Maintains close contact with the attending officials abroad

Knows your sector from A to Z

"Track & trace" your VAT claims via our online web portal