Fiscal Representation

Do you perform VAT taxable activities abroad? Let us represent you.

Is your company registered in the Netherlands? And will you be performing VAT taxable activities abroad? Then you must register yourself as being liable to VAT in that country. You are also obliged to make periodical declarations.

Alfa Transport Service has a good solution for this administrative inconvenience: fiscal representation. We are already familiar with the respective country, we know the rules and we know our way round. We will take care of the registration and the periodical declarations for you.

Our other services
Other things we can do for you:

Reclaiming VAT
Making an advance payment on the VAT to be reclaimed
Reclaiming excise duty

We would be pleased to help you with your foreign activities.
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ATS Benefits

Over 22 years successful experience

Competitive rates

Extensive knowledge of (European) laws, regulations and procedures

Maintains close contact with the attending officials abroad

Knows your sector from A to Z

"Track & trace" your VAT claims via our online web portal