Reclaiming diesel oil excise

Save on your fuel costs

Do you fill up with diesel in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain or Slovenia? Besides VAT you pay excise duty on diesel oil and these countries will allow you to reclaim some of this excise duty. The refund per litre represents an interesting saving on your fuel costs.

Complex procedures
The compensation varies from country-to-country and period-to-period. The procedures also differ enormously per country and are complex. In Belgium for example, excise duties can be reclaimed per month, per quarter or per year. Excise duty in Italy can be reclaimed in the second quarter following the respective year (i.e., annually). For the other countries, this can be done half-yearly.

Advance financing of Belgian diesel oil excise
We can in some cases make advance payments for Belgian diesel oil excise. We would be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities.


  • for all businesses with a fleet of 1 to 5,000 vehicles
  • interesting savings on your fuel costs
  • It may be possible to make an advance payment for the Belgian excise duty on diesel oil
  • competitive rates (commission)
  • payment of the rate on refund of the excise duty (without advance payment)

“Track & trace” your VAT claims via our online web portal
There is nothing more annoying than books that don't tally. This is why we have developed an online web portal that gives you direct access to your details. You will have the opportunity to inspect your submitted invoices at any point in time and an overview will be available of the VAT amount claimed per country. This will enable you to follow the entire claim process.

Our other services
We can do a lot more for you besides reclaiming VAT:

Reclaiming VAT
Making an advance payment on the VAT to be reclaimed
Fiscal representation

Would you also like to save on fuel costs? We would be happy to help you further.
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"Track & trace" your VAT claims via our online web portal